Should I Agree To Take A Breathalyzer Test? What Happens In Florida If I Do Not?

Have you refused a breath test for DUI? … Because of Florida’s implied consent law, all drivers have essentially agreed to submit to an … If you refuse to take a blood, urine, or field sobriety test, the consequences will vary depending … However, if you have already refused a BAC test and don’t know how to …

Florida has some very strict laws, rules, and regulations involving DUI’s. I frequently receive questions from clients asking about whether they should or should not take a breathalyzer when they are requested to by a police officer.

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Should I agree to take a breathalyzer test? What happens in Florida if I do not?

Many arm-chair attorneys who know exactly what to do when faced with Breathalyzer test.  If you refuse a Breathalyzer test, you will most likely face serious consequences. More than half of all states have the legal authority to enact no-refusal DUI enforcement.

In Florida, there is a law called implied consent. This means that when you agree to accept driving privileges and a driver’s license in Florida. This does not mean you have to submit to a breathalyzer test. … Ultimately, it would be up to a jury to decide, if the DUI case goes to trial.

Should I agree to take a breathalyzer test? What happens in Florida if I do not?I would like to do that for you. …. In most situations, it is not helpful to refuse to take a breath test when arrested for DUI in the … Should you be convicted of DUI in the state of Florida, you face fines, possible jail time, and … Should you agree to submit to a Breathalyzer test, then be subsequently unable to perform.

If you’re pulled over in Florida and asked to take a breathalyzer test, can you refuse? … test without consequence, but in the state of Florida, nothing could be further from the … That means that whether or not you think it’s fair, and whether or not you … have to give the officer or officers a breath sample if you’re asked to do so.

Refusing a DUI test may be tempting if you only consumed a small amount of alcohol, or if you didn’t drink at all and feel the officer is treating you unfairly. However, it is important to understand what the possible advantages or consequences resulting from refusal to submit to a blood-alcohol test.

If you are suspected of drunk driving, should you take a Florida breathalyzer test? Your license can be suspended if you don’t.  This happens for a variety of reasons. The officer might act on suspicion or take precautions. Even if the request seems unjust or unfair, you should consider the … are more tolerant about reusing a breathalyzer test on the spot, Florida is no.  If the DUI arrest – due to a refusal of the breathalyzer test.

Here is everything you must know about DUI breathalyzer laws in FL. So the good news is that if you refused to provide a breath sample the prosecuting … reasons not to blow into the breath test machine that have nothing to do with … To have the privilege of driving in Florida, you agree at the time you get your driver’s license.


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