What Are House Arrest And Electronic Monitoring?

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House Arrest: A look at Electronic Monitoring ProgramsОпубликовано: 22 янв. 2016 г. What are house arrest and electronic monitoring? | That individual is generally being electronically monitored by GPS to determine where they're at at all times. If an individual has gone away from that home at a time that's not previously approved, a signal…

Section 771.3f – electronic monitoring device; removal, destruction, or circumvention prohibited; interference with signal, impulse, or data prohibited; exceptions; violation as felony; penalties; "electronic monitoring device" defined (1) A person shall not knowingly and without authority remove, destroy, or circumvent the operation of an electronic monitoring device or knowingly interfere …

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House arrest (with or without electronic monitoring) allows a person who is sentenced to a jail term to spend the time at his home as an alternative to being physically confined to jail. Electronic home detention is monitored using an electronic sensor strapped to an offender's ankle and linked by…

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