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Tampa Criminal Lawyer > FAQ Videos > What defenses are there in a DUI case?

What defenses are there in a DUI case?

There are numerous defenses available to someone charged with DUI. In order to prove a DUI the state will have to show that you were driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle, that you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent that you had an unlawful blood alcohol level or that your normal faculties were impaired.

The defense of a DUI typically depends with the stop of the driver, the DUI investigation. If there’s a breath sample, the breath sample is subject to attack and being questioned, whether or not the field sobriety exercises were conducted properly, and whether or not there’s enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt all the elements of the DUI charge. But in any DUI case, there are potentially dozens and dozens of issues and arguments available to the driver.

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