Why Can Individuals Be Charged With Drug Dealing In Florida When The Drugs Were Only For Personal Consumption?

Florida drug laws are complicated, and the consequences of drug possession or drug trafficking conviction are severe. … These drugs also have an accepted medical use and their abuse may lead to limited … only. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation.

Drug trafficking in Florida has serious legal consequences. Best prepare yourself for your day in court by acquiring the services of an Orlando drug trafficking …

Florida has made possession of a certain amount of opioids automatic trafficking charge. This means that, based on the amount you’re in possession of, the government has a right to argue to a jury that you would have to have been having possession for the purposes of trafficking only and not for personal consumption.

Even if the drugs are for personal consumption, depending on the weight of the drugs, the type of drugs, and any other paraphernalia that may be in your possession or control, the police can charge you with You don’t have to sell, just the mere deliverance of a drug is drug dealing in Florida.

Why can individuals be charged with drug dealing in Florida when the drugs were only for personal consumption? | Salazar & Kelly Law Group, P.A…

The Police and CPS will look at all sorts of evidence to decide if someone has committed an offense, and what offense that might be. Possession of a Controlled Drug For this offence the drugs themselves are normally the only actual evidence that the police and prosecution will have.

The penalties associated with drug dealing in Florida are more severe than the … While an individual possessing drugs may be eligible for diversionary programs for … Because sale or delivery of cocaine is a more serious charge than … But in Florida, it’s important that evidence seized by a police officer is done so legally.

Why can individuals be charged with drug dealing in Florida when the drugs were only for personal consumption?

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Jun 20, 2018 … Can I be Charged with Drug Trafficking If I Was Only in Possession of Drugs and Did Not … Under Florida Statute, it is possible to be charged with trafficking … If the motion is successful, the prosecution would not be allowed to use the … If an individual has information that could substantially assist law …

Arrested for possession or trafficking in prescription drug in Florida including … The laws in Florida for the possession of prescription drugs allow … If the possession of the prescription medication was solely for the individual’s use because of a drug … the total amount of the controlled substance is actually only 90 milligrams, …

From drug possession to drug trafficking, a look at laws regulating controlled substances. … many others) is thought to present a danger to individuals and to society in general. …. is dismissed, and the offender can legally claim never to have been arrested or convicted of a crime. … Should I just plead guilty and avoid a trial?

What Do I Do If I Cannot Afford To Make The Bail Set In My Florida Criminal Law Case? Does My Child Need To Have An Attorney? Courts will appoint a child advocate attorney in the following circumstances: … child advocate attorneys are usually trained in representing minors or have taken … education advocates representing parents and children of special needs.   This is not a perfect world.

Why can individuals be charged with drug dealing in Florida when....The State of Florida prosecutes drug dealers to the fullest extent of the law. … If you are suspected of dealing drugs, the State of Florida will prosecute you … Some of the most commonly charged crimes involving the sale and delivery of drugs are: … possession; illegal search and Seizure; Lack of Knowledge; Personal Use …


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