Tampa Probation Violations Attorneys

Sometimes, even when you do your level best to meet your obligations of probation, a violation could occur anyway. A missed meeting with your probation officer, going out of state, failing to attend classes or treatment programs in a timely manner, and other conditions of your probation can be difficult to meet when you also have work and family life to maintain. The criminal lawyers in Tampa understand that these things sometimes happen, and the risk of having your probation revoked and going to jail is very real.  Our criminal defense attorneys have experience assisting with probation violation hearings, so don’t give up and think that you’ve blown your last chance – a Tampa defense attorney who has experience with probation violations may be able to resolve the matter for you and ensure that you get another opportunity to make good on your probation terms.

Probation Violations in Tampa

Criminal defense lawyers have found that many clients express that conditions of probation can be extensive and confusing. If you have any challenges, such as work hours, lack of transportation, lack of money to pay for the classes or probation meetings, or other issues, you will likely have difficulty meeting your obligations and something could fall through the cracks. No matter how difficult the terms may be, however, probation is the opportunity for you to prove to the court that you are setting your life and affairs straight and that you are a contributor to society, rather than a risk. Given these expectations, when a failure occurs, a Tampa criminal defense attorney who understands the proper avenues for presenting the reasons for failure and the challenges you face will have far better results than you would have stood alone merely offering apologies and trying to explain yourself.

Violating probation is more common than many people may realize. What with the various and unique requirements of each person’s terms, a person could violate unintentionally and without even realizing that they have done so. It’s also possible that a probation officer may believe that a person has violated probation when they have not, but the discretion lies with the probation officer. If the probation officer decides to request a probation violation hearing, you will need aggressive legal representation by an experienced Tampa defense lawyer.

If you’re on probation, your freedom and your rights are already on shaky ground, so having a Tampa criminal attorney is critical. Your attorney will review the details of your probation and develop a strategy against any VOP charges. Our seasoned Tampa defense attorneys will fully employ their years of experience and success in upholding your rights when VOP charges are imminent to ensure that you have the best opportunity to avoid unjust penalties. Contact us immediately for a free consultation. You may also contact us using our online form. Either way, if you’ve violated probation, intentionally or unintentionally, you’ll need a staunch defender when it’s time for your hearing. Get Tampa Defense Law—we’re proven.