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Tampa Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

The primary goal of the Florida juvenile justice system is rehabilitation, not punishment. That said, being labeled a juvenile offender and put through the juvenile system can still be highly detrimental to a young person’s future. Additionally, children of any age in Florida can be tried as an adult for certain crimes. If you have a minor child who has been arrested, don’t take any chances with his or her future. Instead, hire a competent criminal defense attorney with the knowledge and experience to understand your child’s options and pursue the best approach for a favorable outcome. Call Tampa juvenile crimes lawyer Donald C. Barrett, P.A. for strong, effective representation in juvenile delinquency matters.

Facts about Juvenile Offenses in Florida

When a minor is arrested, the Department of Juvenile Justice becomes involved. The Department of Juvenile Justice will normally meet with the juvenile’s parent or guardian and make recommendations to the State Attorney. It is up to the State Attorney to decide what, if any, charges will be filed. Juveniles have many of the same rights afforded to adults accused of a crime, including the right to be represented by an attorney at all stages of the process. Attorney Donald C. Barrett, a former juvenile prosecutor, can assist you through every step of the process, from arrest through trial.

Juveniles Charged as Adults in Florida

Many juveniles are charged as adults in Florida. That means their cases are pending in adult court, and they are subject to adult sanctions, including prison sentences. Depending on the particular charge, the State Attorney may elect to prosecute a juvenile in adult court, or, in some instances, the law requires that a juvenile be “direct filed” in adult court. It is important to remember that once a juvenile is sentenced as an adult, he or she will be prosecuted as an adult for any subsequent offense.

Immediate Help is Available after a Juvenile Arrest in Tampa

Get help as soon as possible after a juvenile arrest from a highly knowledgeable, skilled and experienced Tampa juvenile crime lawyer. Call Donald C. Barrett, P.A. at 813-280-1201 for immediate assistance.

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