What Is 10/20/life?

10-20 Life is a sentencing guideline in Florida law that applies to certain violent felonies. It requires a minimum sentence of 10 years for crimes involving firearms and 20 years for crimes resulting in death or serious bodily harm. This guideline was passed in 1999 in an effort to reduce gun violence and has since been adopted by other states.

The 10-20 Life guideline is often referred to as the “10-20-Life Law” because it requires a minimum sentence of 10 years for using a firearm during the commission of certain felonies, 20 years for firing the weapon, and life imprisonment if someone is injured or killed. While this law does not apply to all felonies, it can result in harsher sentences for those convicted of crimes involving guns. The goal of this law is to deter people from using firearms while committing criminal acts.

In recent years, some have argued that the 10-20 Life Law is too harsh and should be amended or repealed altogether.


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