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Our Tampa drug crimes lawyers are experienced in every aspect of drug crimes defense.  We handle all drug charges, including:

  • Marijuana Offenses, Including Possession, Delivery, Sale, Trafficking, and Cultivation
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Conspiracy to Manufacture a Controlled Substance
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance
  • Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs
  • Cocaine Possession and Trafficking
  • Ecstasy
  • Psilocybin (Mushrooms)
  • Heroin
  • PCP
  • Methamphetamine
  • All Other Drug-Related Crimes

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Florida Drug Laws

Florida has tough drug laws and a conviction can result in serious penalties.  Other than possession of small quantities, most drug crimes in Florida are classified as felonies.  If you are convicted of a felony in Florida, you will permanently lose your right to have a firearm.

Our Tampa drug defense lawyers handle all types of drug offenses.  Some of the most common offenses, with penalties prescribed by Florida law, are laid out below:

Offense Jail or Prison Term Fine
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Up to 1 year $1,000
Possession of Less than 20 Grams of Marijuana Up to 1 year $1,000
Trafficking in Marijuana, Up to 25 Pounds Up to 5 years $5,000
Possession of Less than 28 Grams of Cocaine Up to 5 years $5,000
Possession of 28 to 200 Grams of Cocaine 3 year minimum $50,000
Sale of 28 to 200 Grams of Cocaine 3 year minimum $50,000
Possession or sale of 4 to 14 grams of hydrocodone or oxycodone 3 year minimum $50,000
Possession or sale of 4 to 14 grams of heroin 3 year minimum $50,000

Proximity to Children and Public Spaces

In an effort to protect children, sentences are enhanced if the drugs are sold near certain public places.  Selling drugs within 1,000 feet of a school, park, day care center, community center, or a recreational facility will result in a three year mandatory minimum sentence.

Intent to Distribute Drugs

If your drug possession charge includes “with intent to distribute,” your sentence could be significantly harsher if you are convicted.  Prosecutors may use a variety of factors to demonstrate that you planned to sell the drug to other people.  For instance, packing drugs in individual plastic bags or other containers or if the drugs were found near a list of names and phone numbers could be used as evidence that you intended to distribute the drugs.

Serious Nature of Drug Crimes

Other than possession of small amounts of marijuana, possession of any illegal drugs is a felony charge.  A felony conviction has serious consequences for your life.  You will never be allowed to possess a firearm following a felony conviction.  You may have difficulty obtaining employment or you may be fired from your current job.  If you ever want to work for the government, a drug conviction poses difficulties.

Your education is at risk, as well.  A number of colleges and universities will not allow students with past drug convictions to enroll, which can make earning a college degree difficult.  Even more problematic are the federal student financial aid rules.  A drug conviction will render you ineligible to receive financial aid for college, for at least a few years and permanently in some cases.

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