Tampa White Collar Crimes Defense Lawyer

Though the words “white collar” in the context of criminal charges may sound relatively benign, if you’re facing such charges in Tampa, you’re also facing the same threat of prison that comes with other criminal charges that sound more severe. White collar crimes are not taken lightly by the criminal justice system, as they are often committed by corporate or government higher-ups who have a higher expectation upon them for safeguarding the very ones who trust them. Though white collar crimes are typically void of violence and drugs—which most people equate with “bad” crimes—the ramifications are severe should you find yourself accused. Our Tampa criminal defense attorneys are well-equipped to defend you against accusations that fall under the umbrella of white collar crimes, and make no mistake about it—you will need a powerful criminal lawyer to make your case.

White collar crimes typically involve some form of fraud and theft, whether insurance, health care, mortgage, mail, credit card, forgery, or other business-related context. At its most basic level, fraud involves providing misinformation for financial gain, and two important points must be made: One, it is all too easy to become unwittingly involved in or participate in fraudulent activity in the course of simply doing your job. A Tampa white collar crime attorney knows that often, in the context of following directions, a person may be engaging in a small piece of an overall scheme that they know nothing about. Unfortunately, this lack of awareness doesn’t simply absolve you of your role if you find yourself accused, but when you engage the services of a criminal lawyer experienced in white collar crime defense as promptly as possible, these accusations can often be rectified. Secondly, when investigators are putting together a fraud case, it is a common trap that as evidence comes together, unwitting individuals can become caught up in the net of the whole and appear to be just as guilty as those who orchestrated the fraud, which can also lead to charges of conspiracy to commit fraud. An experienced Tampa defense attorney is critical to defending yourself when you have been accused of any sort of fraud.

When investigators are investigating white collar crimes, rest assured that they will likely leave no stone unturned in amassing a wide range of documentation, records, and other evidence to include not only the known target or targets of the investigation, but also anyone who had any role in the crimes that were committed. It is then up to those accused to retain the services of a Tampa criminal attorney to sort out the facts and present them in court.

If you are aware that you, or a close associate, are being investigated for any form of white collar crime, it is urgent that you contact us and speak with one of our experienced white collar crimes defense lawyers in Tampa. Even though your involvement may be attributed to a misunderstanding or error, the risk of incurring severe penalties is much too great to simply hope for mercy and a positive outcome. You need a lawyer. Call or use our online contact form to arrange a consultation at one of our nine Florida offices. It’s free, and it’s confidential.