Tampa Violent Crimes Defense Attorneys

Violent crimes make headlines. Rape, robbery, murder, and other violence is abhorred by the citizens of Tampa and the criminal courts alike. So when you’ve been accused of a violent crime, nothing less than your “A” game will do when it’s time to defend yourself. And defending yourself begins with your first encounter with law enforcement, which is where we come in.

If Tampa police have arrested you or wish to question you about a violent crime, you must invoke your right to have a Tampa criminal defense lawyer present. Remember that the law enforcement professionals who are asking you questions are seeking to get evidence and information from you, if not a full confession. Also remember that they are highly skilled at what they do, while the average citizen is rarely, if ever, subject to such questioning. It’s easy to see that they clearly have the home field advantage, so before you say anything else, ask to speak with a Tampa criminal defense attorney. Because once you have spoken, your words are out there and could potentially damage your case.

There are a number of things that our Tampa violent crime attorneys  must do to protect your rights and defend you at trial. From the outset, you will need to speak with your defense attorney as soon as possible for maximum advantage, and you will need to freely provide every bit of information that pertains to the accusations against you. Your lawyer is your ally, so you must understand that he or she is not there to judge you, but to protect and defend you. If you withhold information that later comes out during trial, your Tampa defense lawyer will not be sufficiently prepared to defend you as fully as possible.

Your attorney will investigate the charges against you, explain the process of the criminal courts, as well as your options, and ultimately work for the best possible outcome, whether that means requesting that the charge be dismissed or negotiating for a lesser charge. When charges cannot be avoided, your Tampa criminal attorney will work to ensure that your penalties are as minimal as possible.

Our team of Tampa defense attorneys has extensive experience not only with violent crimes & criminal law, but also with the Tampa criminal justice system. Our criminal defense lawyers also understand the tremendous degree of stress that you will be under for the duration of your case and will provide every reassurance that they are continually and diligently working on your behalf.

Our team of Tampa criminal defense attorneys has more than 100 years of combined experience successfully defending both juvenile and adult defendants against criminal charges in Tampa courts. It’s important that you provide them every opportunity to help you, beginning with prompt initial contact. Contact us for a free consultation or use our online contact form. When you need a Tampa criminal defense lawyer, we will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected.