What Types Of Punishments Do I Face If Convicted Of A Crime In Florida?

The type of punishment you face if convicted of a crime in Florida depends on the severity and nature of the offense. Generally, sentences may include incarceration in county or state prison, fines and restitution, probation, community service or a combination of these punishments.

Incarceration is typically used for more serious offenses and can range from a few months to life imprisonment depending on the crime. Fines are often imposed as part of the sentence and may be payable to the court or to victims who suffered financial losses due to the crime. Restitution is another form of punishment which requires an offender to pay back any money taken from victims during the commission of a crime. Probation is also common in Florida and allows an offender to remain free in exchange for meeting certain conditions such as regular check-ins with a probation officer or attending counseling sessions. Community service is also often required as part of a sentence, which involves performing unpaid work for public agencies or non-profit organizations.

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