What Must I Prove To Win A Criminal Appeal In Florida?

To win a criminal appeal in Florida, you must prove that the trial court made an error of law or fact that affected your conviction. This can include proving that the prosecution did not meet its burden of proof, that the judge made a mistake in instructions to the jury, or that evidence was improperly admitted or excluded.

You must also show that the trial court’s error had a substantial impact on your conviction. For example, if evidence was improperly admitted, it must have been material to the outcome of your case and not just a minor technicality. Additionally, any errors you are appealing must have occurred during the trial itself and not after it.

Finally, you may be able to demonstrate that there is newly discovered evidence which would likely change the outcome of your case if presented at a new trial. If successful in making this argument, you may be granted a new trial or even exoneration from your conviction altogether.

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